Featured Panel: “Your Gaming Cheat Code: Exploring the gaming industry’s growth drivers and future direction”

Laurel Canyon Virtual Meeting Room

In 2012, the value of the gaming industry was approximately $53 billion; global box office was about $35 billion; and recorded music about $15 billion. Since then, gaming – which was already worth more than those two industries combined – has grown 200%, while the box office has grown about 22% and recorded music about 44%. This panel will discuss the primary drivers behind this rapid growth. It will touch on the role of mobile, esports and gaming engines, as well as the state and impact of gaming’s “culture problem.” Finally, it will explore where the industry is headed, and where panelists are placing their bets.

    • Gregory Milken, Managing Partner, March Capital Partners
    • Lisa Anderson, SVP, Studio Operations at Jam City
    • Ophir Lupu, United Talent Agency, Head of Video Games
    • Rob Ricca, Vice President of Corporate Development at Scopely
  • Moderator: Sam Blake, Reporter @dot.LA