Adam Arrigo

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam is the CEO and co-founder of Wave, the market leader in virtual entertainment experiences. Adam combines his skills as a game designer, sound designer, product lead and – most importantly – musician to make sure Wave is going beyond traditional live streaming with virtual experiences that serve the next generation of concert-goers.

Prior to co-founding Wave (formerly TheWaveVR), Adam spent several years at game development studio Harmonix, where he worked on AAA titles including Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, The Beatles: Rock Band, Dance Central, Dance Central 2, Fantasia: Music Evolved, Harmonix Music VR and more.

He also worked on the Vox Photo Project as lead producer for this charity organization that teaches photography to kids in at-risk communities in Ghana, Bangladesh, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Indonesia and Los Angeles. He was also the sole product person at LA-based music tech startup Zya, where he led development of the 2015 Music App of the Year, Ditty. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and synth fan.

My Sessions

Music, the Metaverse, and the Future of Virtual Entertainment

The convergence of tech and entertainment has also blended the virtual and physical, leading to interactive, immersive experiences that bring people together. Artists are increasingly taking advantage of these new opportunities for engagement, diving into the metaverse and creating¬†virtual experiences for their fans. Adam Arrigo,¬†CEO and co-founder of Wave, leader in virtual entertainment experiences, will […]