Andrew Chau

Co-Founder & CEO
Boba Guys Inc.

Andrew Chau is co-founder and CEO of Boba Guys and Tea People USA, an Inc. Magazine 500 award recipient. He has been featured as a top emerging business leader on CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and NPR. Prior to a career in Consumer Product Goods and corporate marketing, Andrew started and exited his first startup in 2011.

In his free time, he loves traveling and is a freelance writer and an angel investor for consumer-driven businesses. His best-selling book with Penguin Random House, The Boba Book, came out in April 2020. He has his undergraduate and graduate degrees from UC Berkeley. He and his wife are based in San Francisco, CA.

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From Founder to CEO

Main Stage

Moving from a founder role to CEO is no small task. While outwardly, it may appear to be simply a change in title, in reality it’s anything but. Starting your own business takes big thinking, innovation, and drive. Those qualities are helpful for CEOs, but must be complemented by much more. Putting innovation into practice […]