Audra Everett Gold

Co-Founder & CEO
Vurbl Media

Audra Gold has dedicated her entire career to building first-to-market internet experiences and scaled digital media products. Her passion for product management and her ability to identify new and emerging product trends has led to her reputation for developing novel, cutting-edge products across gaming, streaming video, digital media, and enterprise SaaS platforms in various business verticals.

Today, Audra is the co-founder and CEO of Vurbl Media, a free audio streaming platform founded in March 2020 and launched late 2020. The Vurbl team raised early-stage VC throughout 2020 to build and grow the MVP web and iOS Vurbl experiences. The team is currently managing the continued rapid growth of Vurbl while raising another round of financing. To date, Vurbl has hosted millions of visitors and has over 15k active audio creators on the platform streaming over 37M audio titles for free, making it one of the largest free UGC/podcast hosting platforms in the US.   

Prior to founding Vurbl, Audra managed her consulting firm Product N, a product management consulting firm that helped early-stage venture funded companies build their MVP and take them to market. Before that, she spent over 20 years leading product and tech teams at Rubicon Project/Magnite (MGNI), The Mighty, Pluto TV (VIAC), Fourthwall Studios, and Defy Media/Break Media. She also held senior product roles at J2 Global (JCOM), WeddingChannel/TheKnot, Viviendi’s gaming division (VIVHY), and IGN (JCOM).

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