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Fueled by intense passion, a voracious quest for knowledge, and relentless determination, Dr. Mike Dow has achieved remarkable success helping people around the globe in myriad ways, employing innovative protocols across multiple disciplines to treat a multitude of psychological and physical conditions.

He reaches millions through his appearances on popular network and cable television shows, helps more in his Los Angeles private practice and countless others through his best selling books and philanthropic endeavors. And it all began at home when his brother suffered a massive stroke when he was just ten years old. From that day on, Dr. Mike has made it his mission to help people heal their brains and lives; a journey that continues to expand into new avenues of research, discovery, and treatment.

Dr. Dow holds many titles: psychotherapist, New York Times bestselling author, brain and mental health expert, functional nutritionist, and consequently, “America’s Go-To Therapist.”

In addition to hosting his own shows, he is a frequent guest on NBC’s Today ShowThe Dr. Oz ShowThe DoctorsWendy Williams, Mel Robbins Show, AndersonThe Talk, and more. Dr. Mike cohosted E!’s Sex with Brody, based on his relationship advice podcast with Brody Jenner, as well as VH1’s Couples Therapy, which ran for six seasons. He was the host of TLC’s hit show Freaky Eaters, TLC’s My 600-lb Life Reunion, Logo’s That Sex Show, and Investigation Discovery’s My Strange Criminal Addiction.

He served as LaToya Jackson’s therapist on OWN’s My Life with LaToya, the Bachelor’s therapist on Freeform’s Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After, the Housewives’ therapist on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, and was Tyler and Catelynn’s therapist on MTV’s Teen Mom. In Canada, he’s a regular on The Marilyn Denis Show and Breakfast Television and is a Huffington Post contributor. His latest hosting project is currently in production and will soon premiere on Disney+.



As a young adult, Dr. Mike Dow eagerly delved into volunteer work with children and families affected by disease or disability. His “a-ha” moment came 20 minutes into his own first therapy session when he realized he could make a living helping others.

Dr. Mike began his education as a Presidential Scholar at the University of Southern California (USC), graduating with honors from California State University Northridge with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. He went on to earn a Psy.D. in Psychology from Southern California University for Professional Studies, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology from the American Academy of Clinical Sexology. Dr. Mike trained in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at UCLA, advanced clinical hypnosis with the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), and completed the Professionals in Residence program at the renowned Betty Ford Center. He also has post-doctoral education in neurofeedback, psychopharmacology, and bilateral-based therapy for the treatment of trauma. He is also certified in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP).

Mike worked with abused and mentally ill children, adolescents, and families through the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, later working in an integrative medical setting as the clinical director of behavioral health at The Body Well USA, a wellness and age management practice.

In 2018, Dr. Mike created Subconscious Visualization Technique (SVT), a hypnosis technique that integrates elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, guided visualization, and bilateral stimulation. It is the first protocol that combines bilateral stimulation and clinical hypnosis for the treatment of PTSD, which was featured on Dr. Oz and other shows.

In researching his books, food and brain health became a direct parallel, which inspired Dr. Mike to complete a functional nutrition program. Functional nutrition uses a root-cause approach to help patients optimize wellness. Being both a functional nutritionist and a psychotherapist places him in a unique position to assist those with eating and related physical and mental health issues. Additionally, he is trained in genetic testing.



At his thriving Los Angeles private practice, Dr. Mike treats a wide variety of mental illnesses. His website and social media platforms are filled with informative, helpful articles and videos on topics including food cravings and nutrition, dementia, natural mood boosting, aging, and the latest health-related news of interest to his patients and followers.

“I have dedicated my life to solving the mysteries of the brain and using that knowledge to better the lives of my patients and humanity at large, which has been tremendously rewarding,” Dr. Mike said. “Delving into new methodologies and treatments has allowed me to continuously discover different, advanced approaches so I can customize care for each individual’s unique needs. Sharing those discoveries, along with proven, tried and true methods through my books, which have been translated in numerous languages, further maximizes my opportunities to spread hope and healing.”

His seventh book, The Sugar Brain Fix: a 28-Day Plan to Quit Craving the Foods That Are Shrinking Your Brain and Expanding Your Waistline was published on January 14, 2020 (Hay House). In addition to exploring people’s “codependent relationship with sugar” the book delves into food addictions; intermittent fasting; obsessive, emotional, and binge eating; and how to harness the subconscious to heal a “sugar brain” through a specific Kediterranean™ program.

Dr. Mike’s previous worldwide bestsellers include: Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Think, Act & Be Happy: How to Use Chicken Soup for the Soul Stories to Train Your Brain to Be Your Own TherapistYour Subconscious Brain Can Change Your LifeHeal Your Drained BrainThe Brain Fog FixHealing the Broken Brain; and Diet Rehab. His books have been translated into multiple languages and are available across Europe and Asia. Mike also tours the country and gives one-day workshops based on his books with Hay House Live.

Dr. Mike is very involved in charitable causes and has volunteered for Camp Comfort Zone, the nation’s largest bereavement camp, and The Trevor Project. He donates his time to people who cannot afford care on a weekly basis in his private practice. In his spare time, he enjoys walking his two rescue dogs around Los Angeles where he resides with his partner Dr. Chris Belfour, an emergency room physician.

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