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As a leadership coach, management consultant, strategic advisor, and Partner at Evolution, Erik brings 20+ years of operating experience as a technology executive and thought leader for both emerging and established brands in the U.S. and overseas. He works with both pre- and post-revenue generating businesses, driving deep change at the individual, team, and organizational levels. His results replace expensive missteps in scaling a business with proven strategies and tactics for growth and profitability. Erik’s passion is directed towards unlocking leaders and their teams through a recipe of self-development, advisory, and integration of leadership strategies and frameworks. He’s evolved this blended approach through his years as a technology steward for WarnerBros., Dreamworks, Ticketmaster, Hollywood.com, and Evite.

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Breakout Rooms – WORKSHOP Scaling Your Leadership presented by Evolution

Stage C

As a startup grows, how can its leaders scale their leadership to match the opportunities and challenges of each stage? Startup stages require different forms of leadership; from being an individual contributor to leading a large team or enterprise. The competencies and behaviors at each stage are distinct and move from being a technical or […]