Kara Weber

Dapper Collectives

Formerly President, Brud

Kara Weber is the COO of Dapper Collectives. In October 2021, Dapper Labs acquired Brud and launched a new business unit, Dapper Collectives, focused on building tools for DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

Previously, Kara was the President of Brud, a next-gen entertainment and technology company that leverages cultural insights, creative minds, and boundary-pushing technologies to develop fully-realized virtual characters who tell stories, champion ideas, and connect with their audiences as they entertain and inspire. By growing a massive audience and building true communities around innovative virtual characters like Lil Miquela, Kara is working to build a radical, intelligent, and accessible entertainment company for a new generation. She is also an investment partner at The Community Fund (TCF), an early-stage venture fund that invests in community-driven companies.

Kara’s career rotates around axes of community and access; her focus is on proving that great companies can not only be financially fruitful but also socially valuable. Through her work, she has designed and executed groundbreaking go-to-market strategies, built powerful brands, accelerated revenue, and driven culture shifts. 

Prior to joining Brud and TCF, Kara founded and/or led six breakthrough companies and a venture capital (VC) firm, Brilliant Ventures. Four of those six companies (Tripod.com, Streetmail, Rubicon Project and Adap.tv) delivered returns to stakeholders via M&A or IPO exits. As the founder and managing partner of Brilliant Ventures, Kara launched one of the first women-led venture firms, investing in transformative commerce companies led by brilliant, diverse leadership teams including Tamara Mellon, Parachute Home, Happy Returns, Skylar, Harper Wilde, Cognitiv and CameraIQ. She serves as an observer on the board of directors of Haute Hijab.

Entrepreneur Magazine named Kara one of their 100 Powerful Women in Business; she has also been interviewed and featured in Fast Company, The New York Times, Nightline, MTV, and NPR’s Marketplace among others. She’s a regular speaker and podcast guest, having delivered a keynote address at the United State of Women in 2018. She graduated from Williams College with a BA in Political Science and lives in Venice, CA and Vashon, WA with her husband, their two sons, and three dogs.

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