Nick Murray

Co-Founder & CEO
Wake Network

Nick Murray is a tech entrepreneur, full-time biohacker, and co-founder and CEO of Wake Network.

His passion for health was first ignited when his former partner was diagnosed with cancer, and he’s been immersed in Eastern medicine and a holistic approach to healing ever since. He turned to turkey tail mushrooms which helps strengthen the immune system to fight cancer. He is now a full time biohacker and has been building technology companies and ventures for two decades.

Nick has always been intrigued by technology and how it can be leveraged to enhance people’s everyday lives. Nick is committed to bringing well-researched fungi medicine to the forefront of the health and science community.

He personally splits his time between Jamaica and North America, applying his experience in technology and research to the goal of revolutionizing how the world sees fungi medicine.

My Sessions

Evolution of Psychedelics

Psychedelic-assisted therapies are showing increasing potential for people experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more, piquing the interest of many in the biotech and health industries. With public acceptance for this treatment growing, it’s important to understand its evolution and where the field stands now. Panelists experienced in psychedelic-assisted therapy will discuss their experiences, use-cases, and […]