Nicole de Ayora

Chief Content Officer

Nicole de Ayora is the Chief Content Officer at Brud, a next-gen entertainment and technology company that leverages cultural insights, creative minds, and boundary-pushing technologies to develop fully-realized virtual characters who tell stories, champion ideas, and connect with their audiences as they entertain and inspire. Here Nicole develops new products and curates content around innovative virtual characters like Miquela in an effort to build radical, intelligent and accessible entertainment for a new generation. Nicole specializes in product development and management, website development and management, and content management and distribution.

Prior to joining Brud, Nicole was a Product Manager at VICE where she led the design, development, and launch of the company’s global content management system, Backstage, as well as the design and launch of Collectively, and managed verticals Noisey, The Creator’s Project, and THUMP. Before VICE, Nicole was a Product Manager at SendMe, Inc. a subscription-based, mobile entertainment company in San Francisco. Nicole received a 2010 California State Library Grant for her Oakland World initiative, which she designed, produced, and programmed. Oakland World sought to provoke dialogue across the city’s neighborhoods and to encourage creativity, literacy, and self-sufficiency by providing opportunities for underrepresented youth and adults to write, publish and perform works about their lives. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BA in Spanish Literature and English Literature. Nicole currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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