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Greenfly’s co-founder and Chairman Shawn Green played Major League Baseball for 15 years as s right-fielder, with tenures at the Toronto Blue Jays, N.Y. Mets and L.A. Dodgers. He was named an All-Star for two seasons and holds notable hitting records and recorded still unbeaten achievements. A lifelong passionate fan of technology, Shawn developed the Greenfly concept out of his desire to streamline the complexities of working with the ‘front office’ and sponsors to help them streamline the media creation experience with athletes and help them share and amplify digital videos and photos across their channels. Prior to playing professional baseball, Shawn attended Stanford University.

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Fireside Chat with Alex Israel and Shawn Green

2021’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Alex Israel of Metropolis welcomes two-time Dodgers All-Star Shawn Green for an exclusive interview.